Massage Works of South Florida, Inc. is owned and operated by Deborah Orihuela, LMT, a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 10 years of massage therapy experience in some of South Florida’s best resorts and spas, as well as various orthopedic sports and rehabilitative medical practices.  She has applied massage therapy to her clients using various massage techniuqest to include Neuromuscular Therapy and Swedish massage. She has used PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching and strengthening exercises.  Her work has included rehabilatative aspects of post-operative care as well as working with those living with amputation, para-palegia, and other disabling conditions.

Deborah currently holds certifications in various massage techniques to include: Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Clininal Massage Therapy, Psychoneuro-Immunology, Aroma Therapy, Anma Japanese Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Active and Assisted Streching, Sports Massage, Myofacial Pain and Dysfunction, TMJ Relief, Relaxation Therapies, Pre/Post Surgical Massage, Stretch Therapies.

Through her work in the field of massage therapy in both the medical-rehabilatative specializations and the spa and resort industry, Deborah has a special ability to pamper and endulge her clients while keeping a watchful eye on their health and wellness.  She is able to make appropriate referrals for additional when necessary.  Deborah can truly indulge her clients and take them on a journey through the use of products and techniques to increase their overall well-being while teaching them wellness skills for long-term self-care.

Deborah remains active in her support for those undergoing orthopedic challenges.  She has made her massage therapy services available at yearly world renowned races.  Locally, she is a volunteer for race events at Shake-A-Leg in Miami, Florida.

She is fluent in English and Spanish and has basic language skills in Portuguese.